iMETOS MobiLab


iMETOS MobiLab is the simple answer that integrates soil nutrient analysis into a single microfluidic chip.



Whether it is row crops, vegetables or fruits, every farmer knows that fertilizer is essential for a wealthy harvest, but determining when and how much to fertilize is sometimes a struggle. Fertilizers, as well as their distribution in the field, cost money. Furthermore overfertilization seriously damages the environment. The new laws for fertilizer use also limit the maximum use per season. By using the iMETOS MobiLab you minimize overfertilization and still meet the actual needs of the crop. A conventional laboratory measurement gives the highest precision results, however it takes time before results are delivered and the method is expensive. iMETOS MobiLab is the simple answer that integrates soil nutrient analysis into a single microfluidic chip.

Added value for you:

  • Laboratory precision analysis for Total Nitrogen in soil [Nitrate NO3 & Ammonia NH4] from soil
  • Many other macro and mesonutrients from plant sap, waste water, irrigation water and so on
  • Fast and reliable nutrient measurements, saving time (results in only up to 2 hours) and money (low cost per sample)
  • High precision of analysis, as it is done immediately after soil sampling
  • Price and workflow allow to analyze every sample point of your field and get high resolution nutrient map of your field
  • Every single analysis is saved in our software, full nutrition history is available for long-term analysis
  • Different samples can be measured on one ground-breaking chip
  • Data can be exported and used in 3rd party software to make nutrient prescription maps
  • Every sample is GEO-referenced
  • Knowing nutrient levels all the time
  • Avoid under fertilization and make sure you reach your crops’ full potential
  • Avoid over fertilization (money loss, leaching of nutrients)


iMETOS MobiLab is a simple and innovative soil macro-nutrients analyzer based on capillary electrophoresis. It returns quick results of NO3 and NH4 from the soil and many more nutrients from plant sap and other sources. The measured data can be related to GPS coordinates via mobile app (available for Android and iOS) and can, therefore, support precision farming systems.

Crop macro-nutrient needs are easily satisfied with pre-drilling or post-emergence fertilization. A real adequate fertilization can not be based on empirical evaluation; plant needs are satisfied by the factual presence of chemical elements in soil.

If you want to minimize over-fertilization and still meet the actual needs of the crop you need exact data. And measuring the nutrient level in the soil with iMETOS MobiLab is the answer.



  • Prevent over-fertilization
  • Resource efficiency
  • Save money


iMETOS MobiLab is a mobile soil lab. It is a completely new concept which integrates soil nutrient analyses into a single microfluidic chip. After the soil samples are extracted from the field, the sample preparation is done right on the field or in the office.

The filtered sample is injected into a microfluidic capillary where a strong electric field is applied. All important nutrients are in fact electrically charged molecules, and therefore react to the electrical field. They are separated in the chip according to their chemical nature and finally measured by a detector at the end of the capillary.

This technology also works for on-site measurements in field conditions and can be operated by users without prior laboratory knowledge. The measured data is related to GPS coordinates (using a mobile app) and is sent via telecommunication to our web-cloud, where it is safely stored and accessible for the user.

The data is easily converted into machine-readable formats, allowing the automatic site-specific variable rate application with precision farm machinery (e.g. fertilizer spreaders, sprayer etc.).

Sample analysis are time and geographically referential and logged to your FieldClimate.


  1. Take soil sample.
  2. Mix sample, remove stones and plant debris, and then sieve it.
  3. Weigh 10 g of the sieved sample into a falcon tube.
  4. Add 20 g (= 20 ml) of the extraction buffer.
  5. Close the falcon tube and put it on the shaker for 30 minutes.
  6. Insert chip into the iMETOS MobiLab.
  7. Close the chip clamp by pushing the lever down.
  8. Connect the iMETOS MobiLab to electricity and USB for data processing.
  9. Now remove the falcon tube from the shaker and leave it to sediment for 20 min.
  10. Transfer supernatant and internal standard into an Eppendorf and from there into the iMETOS MobiLab analysis slot.



The iMETOS MobiLab Soil Extraction set contains the hardware to take a soil sample and prepare an extract for further measurement. The set contains a sieve and a bowl for purifying and homogenizing the solid soil sample. A tube takes the sample up and fits into a tailor-made balance. Distilled water is then added. The balance records the actual share of the sample and the water, therefore error-tolerant working is possible. Afterward, the tube is placed on a shaker and left there for 30 minutes in order to extract the nitrogen compounds. Balance and shaker communicate with the iMETOS MobiLab software. The generated data is then sent to FieldClimate.


Power supply 12 V adaptor for wall outlet or plug for car outlet
Battery 2 h working time


The iMETOS MobiLab LAQUAtwin® NO3 is an ion selective electrode (ISE) capable of measuring nitrate. After a one point calibration, to be done just once a day, the LAQUAtwin receives some droplets of the soil extract on the ISE and returns the concentration of nitrate immediately. This value can be entered into the MobiLab Software and then stored in FieldClimate.


Minimum sample volume More than 300 μl
Measurment range 6 – 9900 ppm; 1,4 to 2200 mg/l
Resolution 1 ppm for less than 100 ppm, 10 ppm for less than 1000 ppm and 100 ppm for less than 10 000 ppm
Battery life 400 h
Waterproof IP67


The iMETOS MobiLab LabOnAChip® measures soil samples via capillary electrophoresis (CE). The LabOnAChip device operates the chip in an automated manner and communicates with the MobiLab software. An internal standard (ISTD) needs to be added to the filtered soil extract before measuring. This mixture is then transferred into the sample hole of the device with a pipette. After clicking on “start” in the MobiLab Software the measurement is conducted automatically. Results are returned and saved within 3 minutes and the data is also sent to FieldClimate. The nutrients measured are nitrate and ammonia for soil. For other sources like plant sap, waste water or manure etc., additional nutrients measurements are possible.


Sample volume 50-100 μl
Measurment range 3-1000 ppm; 0.01-0.5 g/kg
Accuracy For measurements of liquid concentrations (ppm): ±3 %
For measurements of soil concentrations (mg/kg): ±15 %
Chip lifetime Approximately 300-500 tests
Battery life 2 hours of measuring time


Variations overview available in the document below

Mobilab variations and usage